How to Flip 325 Houses in Just ONE YEAR

December 18 2015

In this quick blog I am going to give you a basic breakdown on the elements that you need in place to be able to flip homes at a high volume. These pieces are essential to your success in this industry. Read on to learn more:

First, you will need a Hard Money Lender. This is key to being able to close quickly. I recommend having several of these hard money lenders to ensure that they stay honest and do their best for your business. With my company I will be using Trinity Monetary Fund, which will be my own hard money lending company.

Second, you need a reliable, trustworthy Contractor. They should be able to finish each job on time, on budget, and with expert worksmanship. Personally, I work closely with a company called Bella Design whom works exclusively with me.

Third, you will need a Top Producing REALTOR. This person needs to know how to properly list a home, expertly market the property, and close the sale quickly. For this aspect of home flipping I entrust Monaco Realty with my properties.

Fourth, you need a Top Producing Lender. This is someone who has an internal system to initiate the file and carry it through to closing quickly while overcoming any challenges that may arise.

I hope you liked my first Badiola Breakdown video and blog posting. I will be delivering more information to you regularly in order to help you break into the home flipping industry. As promised, you can look at the documentation below which verifies our high volume of flips over the years.

Below you will find proof to back up these statements:



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